Magic Realism

Magic Realism Gothicess Melling (2015)Bolívar (2016) Gnome Melling (2014)Keller (2018) Audio and music, spoken and sung, by: Vocals Eastland (2017; 2018; 2019)Magic Realism Talk (2019)At Last (2017) – At Last was composed by Harry Warren and sung by Etta James in 1942. Etta (1960s) cut an albumn, At Last, with

Fiction is Disqualified!

Masquerader Fiction’s Invitation Sound Effects: McClelland (2013); Irish Man Videos (2011)Vocals: Eastland (2019)Image: Melling (2015) While the Death Screamers, Annabel and the Whisperers keep watch over the interviewees, the Grandmaster’s and I, Gothicess PR queen and nightmarishly delightful, will work behind the scenes, well it’s always behind the scenes when

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